Best Kids Program in Metro Detroit

We are very, very proud to have Metro Detroit's most successful kids class. How do we know...just come in and watch a class or talk to our current parents and you'll clearly see why.

We teach kids everything, from Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Judo, Striking, Self-Defense, etc... and all of this is wrapped up in a fun, friendly and safe environment for children to learn and experience the new world of MMA. We promote teamwork, discipline, exercise and socializing with other children. Competition is encourged but not required.

Open for ages 6 - 14. Check our schedule & pricing page for more info.
BULLYPROOF Your Children

Our kids program promotes self-confidence, self defense. Just like our adult program, we teach kids body control, takedowns, overall self-defense in all positions, and responsible submission offense.

Our current parents swear by this program's success in helping their children. You're welcome to come (with your kids) and talk to our current parents, or watch a class, or have your child try a class for free. The results are amazing!
  How to get started???  You can click here to register you or your child for a FREE class.  OR your can email instructor Danny at  OR you can call him directly at (313) 522-3222.  OR you can check our schedule for class times and just come and see our programs for yourself.